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Welcome to Hull Hearing Aid Service, Inc!

Hull Hearing Aid Service, Inc. Receiving the Highest Rating Possible in Northern Virginia---THREE TIMES (Washington Consumer Checkbook Magazine)

"Better Living Through Better Hearing"

For over 75 (Y)EARS Hull Hearing Aid Service, Inc. has offered uncompromising excellence to our hard of hearing family of friends. Our services range from sophisticated testing, at no charge to you, in a sound treated booth that can include tone and speech testing, middle ear analysis and real ear measurement. We provide a personalized fitting based on ear canal size, hand dexterity audiogram and specific environments of most concern to you. We carry hearing aids from the best manufacturers including Phonak, Oticon, Siemens, Widex and Starkey. “As a hearing aid wearer myself”, says Jed Donohoe, Vice-President, “we can recommend current technology that is constantly crossing our desk in our own personal real world situations.” In this way, we can be truly confident that we are providing you the best product for the best price for your particular hearing loss and situations you want to fix. We have an "in-house" earmold and repair lab that can handle many custom situations right on the spot. We also carry a wide array of Assistive Listening Devices including DECT phones to eliminate many telephone troubles, TV, remote mic and "Roger" devices to assist in noisy listening situations. We have telephone amplifiers, smoke detectors and wake-up alarms as well. We offer a Free Hearing Test and a 60 day trial period standard.   

Hull Hearing Aid Service, Inc.
6231 Leesburg Pike, Suite 510
Falls Church, Virginia 22044
(703) 533-1622


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